John Cross Architect
Cross / Cavendish (Willits, CA)  Tea House / Guest House (Willits, CA.)  Church  Jefferson at Bay Meadows (San Mateo, CA)  La Palmia at Palm Valley  Balboa High School (San Francisco, CA)
* Some images courtesy of SB Architects.

Architectural projects

Cross / Cavendish (Willits, CA)
Redwood House (Willits, CA)
Tea House / Guest House (Willits, CA)
Major House Remodel & Addition (Willits, CA)
Montana House (Manhattan, MO)
Log House (Willits, CA)
Private Residence (Miami, FL)
Farm Worker Houses (Stockton, CA)
Mariposa Market (Willits, CA)
Commercial Kitchen at Willits Grange (Willits, CA)
Willits Furniture Store (Willits, CA)
Willits Charter School (Willits, CA)
Balboa High School (San Francisco, CA)
Clark Hall, Pacific Union College (Angwin, CA)
Bartlet-Fort Richardson (Anchorage, AK)
Jefferson at Bay Meadows (San Mateo, CA)
Park Place South South (Mountain View, CA)
La Palmia at Palm Valley (San Jose, CA)
Saujana Condominiums (Kuala Lumpur, Malasia)
Nazareth Plaza (San Mateo, CA)
The Headlands (Marin City, CA)
North Slope Housing, British Petroleum
More Projects:
Bruce and Judy Gorman House (Kinsington, CA)
Lynn and Pat Caffrey House (San Francisco, CA)
Sharp Residence (Oakland, CA)
Charlene Novak House and Cottage (Berkeley, CA)
Resorts & Hotels:
Flamingo Hilton (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Kannabi Hotel (Japan)
884 Room Hotel (Xian, China)
Holiday Inn Crown Plaza/SFO Addition (San Francisco, CA)
Hotel and Hostel (Mashad, Iran)
Health Spa:
Fisher Island Spa (Miami, FL)
Grant & Geary Center (San Francisco, CA)
Port of Oakland Office Tower (Oakland, CA)
Apple Computer (San Jose, CA)
Wang and Sohio (San Francisco, CA)
Golf Club:
Grand Harbor Golf Clubhouse (Vero Beach, FL)
San Francisco Newspaper Agency (San Francisco, CA)
Burroughs Corp. Micro-Electronics (San Diego, CA)
Merced Hospital Addition (Merced, CA)

NOTE:   Except for houses and remodels, most of the above projects were done while working as a project manager for other firms. (See resume)